Sunday, July 22, 2007

"..see you on the bike"

We lost a dear friend at the pd international triathlon 2007, yesterday.

it was to be his first triathlon race and i shared an animated conversation with him at the starting line. as the events unfold yesterday, the surreal feeling has left me in a total blur state. while i'm beginning to doubt the reality of that conversation, my memory keeps taking me back to that scene, just minutes before his age category was flagged off.

(i apologise in advance if my captions below is an ignorant way of addressing a muslim friend that has passed on.)

senn: you ready?
Allahyarham zubir: you're going to swim faster than me!
senn: no la... you're being flagged off 5 minutes earlier!
Allahyarham zubir: makes it worst! haiyo pressure... try not to swim so fast, i'll be embarassed!
senn: but you'll get me on the bike. so, see you on the bike
Allahyarham zubir: yes! see you on the bike!

- in loving memory of zubir


Abu Soffian said...

May he rest in pease. We all need to take a good care of our self too.

The Editor said...

Very touching. Thnaks May Senn for sharing that quiet moment and story.

Sue said...

While we did not know Allahyarham Zubir personally, one of team mates met him on the practice runs. Our hearts reach to his family and friends.
on behalf of the Talisman Alpha team

Stupe said...

I last spoke to him as he parked his bike on the rack eary morning.

"apa la korang suma gila, sunday is sleep-in time, if you don't see me at the finish line, i'm in the apartment sleeping".

so many fonds memories.

beyond cut off said...

yea.. he was very much a single liner comedian.

witty and always have the best come back lines..