Monday, July 23, 2007

Desaru International tri 2007 - a tribute to Zubir

We are very proud of Zubir for starting his first triathlon race yesterday. It is unfortunate that we were unable to celebrate his first finish with him.
A small group of us would like to make our next triathlon (Desaru) a tribute to Zubir. We are proposing a minute silence AFTER flag-off in his memory.
Tribute mechanics:
1. gather at the back of swimmers at race start
2. when the gun goes off remain on shore in a minute silence while others start the race
3. we start our race in tribute to Zubir after 1 min
4. (optional) when we cross the line we can say in our hearts/own way.. "this one's for you Zubir"
Please join us/spread the word to all that you think would be interested to join our tribute. You are most welcome to copy and paste this entry on your personal blogs to help widen coverage.
We are also open to other ideas of how to pay tribute to him during desaru


Ngae said...

I was there and was jubiliant that I had a great race, my personal best. Then I heard that Zubir's bike did not go out. I went from a real high to a real low...Now I know how the Everest climbers feel after making the summit and then on the way down, saw a dying climber...But being a lover of the sport, Zubir would certainly want us all to have a great outing at the next race in Desaru. God willing I would do very best at Desaru and dedicate it to Zubir.

Incidentally I was linked to you blog for the first time thru a runner's blog because of Zubir. Great stuff you are doing. See you in Desaru.

Anonymous said...

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nurina said...

See you in Desaru, we will honour Zubir and try our best...