Tuesday, June 3, 2008


What is it like to date a triathlete?

(an interesting subject i found in my 'edit posts' marked draft with only the title and first line crafted. so since i haven't updated my blog for yonks, let's see if i can finish this topic today)

let's see...

i've been dating a triathlete for over two years now and while we have the usual ups and downs, the occasional slam-in-the-face and the point turner break-up-and-make-up, i would say there is a bond that is very hard to define if you are not a triathlete yourself.

just last night i had the following online chat with my bestfriend:
vanisha: how are things?
senn: ok
vanisha: so wat r you doin now?
senn: on facebook, playing scrabulous wid arif (yes! i'm finally on facebook!)
vanisha: how sweet, not seeing him 2night?
senn: i m
vanisha: huh?
senn: we're both online, seated opposite and we're playing scrabulous
vanisha: u guys r weird..

are we really?
and now to think about it, that's not the first time i've heard her say that. here are more examples:
vanisha: wat's up tis weekend?
senn: nothing, just ride
vanisha: wanna go dancing? arif welcome
senn: can't. sleep early. tomorrow 5am 150k ride
vanisha: u need to go on a date
senn: 2moro's ride IS a date
vanisha: u guys r weird..
senn: dinner 2night?
vanisha: can't. work late. maybe sat?
senn: can't. away wid arif
vanisha: dirty weekend! hv fun!!
senn: er, not really. race at pd
vanisha: u guys r sooo weird...

after two years' worth of vanisha's "u guys r weird", i'm convinced we must be.

why else would we find solace in the late night, snuggling on the coach drooling over the latest durace crank online? or be contented trading a happening night out with friends with an early night and a gruesome broga ride the next morning?

which other type of couple can say "i had a good time" when the girl ends up in pain, dried tears on her cheeks and possibly bleeding from her elbows? why would any girl in the right frame of mind swoon at the sight of her equally smelly boyfriend paying more attention to her bike as she lays on the floor out of breathe fully clothed in tight lycra? (then again, which sane girl dates a guy in tight lycra??)

how is it that a guy will allow his girlfriend to seat in his car knowing that she is capable of, and possibly may have in the last 8 hours, 'pee-ed' in her shorts?

and how the hell is it considered a swim, bike or run 'date' in the first place, when the guy is faster and ahead while the girl spends most of her time at least 1km away panting and chatting with another guy?!

it's madness!

well, not entirely..

like all my postings, i will not claim that what i have or think is the best. all relationships have their special bonding. the saying "all we need is love", while true, should not have discounted the fact that a certain level of shared values or interest must be present, kinda like the permanent epoxy that glues the love together. some like quiet evenings, some like frequent dirty weekends, while others prefer starting a mini book club with just two members or underwater basket weaving.

ours just happened to involve alot of dirt, pain and bleeding (for my part anyway)

it's not perfect, we're hardly attractive looking or smelling during our time spent together, i can count the number of times i've actually dressed up and wore make-up on our dates, i can't count the number of times i've been given flowers because i don't think i have been getting any, can't remember what my last 'non-swim/bike/run' present was and i don't think i've bought one of those "special dress for that special outing" in a looooong time!

but hey! it's got its own charm (read as getting bling bike and bling hand- me-down bike parts!) and i wouldn't trade it for flowers and chocolates on valentine's day...


Al-Ishsal said...

Schweet! Some friends were asking yesterday why am I still not seeing anyone. Response was easy, "Got any tri chic to recommend?" ... then I read your post last night from A&W during late supper!@#$%^&

Dancing Ciken said...

ahahaha adehhh pedih siot

beyond cut off said...


ain't nothing like a sweat smelly tri chic at the end of a good day, eh?

Al-Ishsal said...

sweat is aromatic in this culture ...

Al-Ishsal said...

hypnotic, romantic, are words I'd use to describe sweat too. which reminds me, I need some myself!!!

Wandernut said...


That's so sweet.
My bf is usually asleep when I'm out running or biking. Kakaka.

BTW, Sweat is rich in pheromones!

kev said...

Hey, it has been ages since I've posted a comment here. It's a good thing my girlfriend sleeps early and not crave to be out late. Whether or not she'll one day do a triathlon is another matter. But I can't be any more grateful for her support, on race day and training days.

Zailan said...

keep on wearing that tight lycra...oops i mean keep on writing may senn.

The Editor said...

Thats is so sweet, hmmmm, i can relate to this......you always come out with such thotful posting. U shud start ur own short story magazine or something like that...or is this it?

The Editor said...

hey, what about the time that u had ur eye lashes extended so that u can look pweetty for that special someone

Abdul Adzim said...

and what's wrong with men in tight lycra? it shows all the *right* bulges in the *right* places :-)

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

owh ...gues the pre requisite of our prince = must be able to ride on a bicycle ;p

The Editor said...

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